I’m a new Tripawd!

Hi everyone, my name is Butchey…Butchey Hudson.  I had my amputation surgery on June 14th.  I have hemangiosarcoma, and they found a tumor in my knee joint.  At first they thought I had torn my ACL, I think that might have been a better thing than having cancer.  =(

So my Momma & my Dada had a hard time with the amputation surgery.  But now that they see I am up and moving around and just about back to my normal Butcheyness self, they are doing much better with it.  They still fuss over me all the time, and I am still wearing THIS STUPID FLIPPIN’ CONE FUNNEL THINGY on my head!!!!  They always tell me sorry when they put it on.  I just wish I could gnaw at that big itch down where my leg used to be.

So after my surgery I got a baaaad infection.  I’ve been trying to fight that and heal up so I can start my chemo treatments.  Momma and Dada hover over me looking at my big hole near my incision where the skin got nectrotic.  It is healing up nicely, but they wish it would heal faster.

Momma is typing the blog for me because I don’t have thumbs (so I can’t type).  We are learning this new WordPress thingy, so we hope we don’t mess it up.

I already have a friend here on Tripawds.  Hi Medal Maggie!!!!!  Her Momma Tracy has been very helpful and supportive of my pawrents through this whole thing.  She is very nice, Tracy I mean, but Maggie’s butt smells good, too!!  They sent me this very cool bandana, and I’m happier about it than I look in the picture! 

10 thoughts on “I’m a new Tripawd!

  1. Welcome Butch!! Sorry to hear you had some post-surgery trouble. I hope everything heals up real soon so you can get on with your treatments! This is a great website, and your parents will learn a lot here. Tell them to keep us updated on your progress. PS: You look VERY handsome in your new Tripawd bandanna!!!

  2. yikes, it’s no fun having to wear that funnel…but, hopefully you are now on the mend and it will be banished to the closet before long. great picture in your bandana!

    charon & gayle

  3. Oh Butchey! There you are!!! Soooo glad to see you here in “Tripawd Land”! This is the BEST place to be, even though all of us don’t really want to be members of Tripawds.com! 😉 This is a journey of struggling times, painful times, proud times and learning to be “more like dog”…live in the moment, as they say!

    I’m here for you, as are many others here for you, when you need the support or a shoulder or whatever…we’re here. 🙂

    Tracy & Maggie

  4. yeah, that cone ain’t fun – AT ALL!!! Maybe you & Gracie will get to quit wear’n ’em at the same time. What a celebration day THAT will be!!

  5. Butchey, I wish I could be closer to hug and love on you. I’m sorry for the rough year you’ve had. Please lick your Mom’s face and tell her that I’m thinking of you all often and I wish you a fast recovery.

    BTW – My uncle had a cat that needed a leg amputated and he was the coolest cat I’ve ever known. He could out run and out climb any other cat on the street.

    Get better soon Butchey!


  6. Butchey, it’s so good to hear how pawsitive you are about all of this. I know it helps your mom & dad get through it too! Keep us updated on everything!

  7. Wow you’re a pupular guy Butchey! We’re so glad you started a blog. You look great in yellow, by the way!

    All of us are here for you my friend, every hop of the way.

  8. Oh my word, Butchey. You are too handsome! Bo and I hope you get to feeling better soon! Keep us all updated! 🙂

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