A Would Be 9th Birthday

Still a Golden size hole in our hearts.  The pain has settled in, and might not be as raw, but it is there.

Today would have been our boy’s 9th Birthday.   Today is especially difficult.

Taken 12/13/2004 Almost 2 months old
Taken 12/13/2004
Almost 2 months old
Photo by John Woolley Taken 1/22/2011 Just 4 months before diagnosis
Photo by John Woolley
Taken 1/22/2011
Just 4 months before diagnosis
One of my favorite pics of him doing Rally-O


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8 thoughts on “A Would Be 9th Birthday

  1. Yes, for now there is a huge void in your heart andit hurts so badly…..and it feels like it will never heal.

    And then yoj look at those adorable pictures and, even though vitter sweet, the SWEET outweighs the bitter by far!

    That Vutchey Hudon’s baby picture…OMD…he OWNS cute! He OWNS precious! He OWNS adorable!

    And then you have the wise, Butchey Hudson, posing as the noble proud dog he is…..who becomes a crazyupph again when he sees water. I love the banner at the top of the page.

    We will NEVER forget you Butchey! We are all famiy andyou touched…and still touch…all of us. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being on this journey with you.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTCHEY HUDSON!! We will ALWAYS celebrate your birth…..and will always appreciate the fact you decided to be born! Tne world is brighter because you are in it!

    Love and light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Happy Hannah wanted to put together a little celebration for Butchey Hudson’s birthday!

    This “card” is for you Butchey! Happy Birthday and keep shining your eternal light!


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