Hoppy New Year

Hoppy New Year everyone!  We are hoping 2012 is a great year for all of us Tripawds.  Like the Tripawds saying goes, it is better to hop on 3 legs, than limp on 4!

I had a fun filled December.  I did some more CDSP obedience and Momma even entered me for an APDT Rally trial.  I did my first ever triple Q since becoming a Tripawd.  There is that number 3 again, maybe it is my lucky number now.

For Christmas I got my stocking filled with lots of good stuff.  Here is me wondering why my stocking has not been stuffed yet.  You’ll notice the MonkeyButt Lola waiting on the sidelines to bite me in one of my remaining three legs to thieve my stocking stuffers.

We got magic mushrooms (no, not that kind) from Santa Paws.  Here is me trying to figure out how to get the cheese out.

Now I like to lay down with these puzzles and try to work it out.  Lola just took hers and rolled it around the entire house, crashing and smashing it into everything.  Walls, chairs, whatever.  She sure can make a raucous.

Momma & Dada also took us to get our picture taken with Santa Paws.  But this isn’t the REAL Santa Paws.  This is Dr. Tucker (who incidentally did my amputation surgery) dressed up as Santa Paws.  He didn’t give me back my leg for a Christmas present though.  Ha ha ha!  He took very good care of me, and it was nice to see him again without any surgical tools.

And here another picture, so you can see how Momma humiliates us.  Oh the shame…


What else?  I went and did some PT work and hydrotherapy swimming.  I played with a ball in the pool and had a really fun time.  Here is me trying to get Momma to come and play in the pool, too.  But she must have not have had a floaty, because she didn’t come in with me.

That is all for now.  Our new years pawsolution is to post a bit more.  =0)

10 thoughts on “Hoppy New Year

  1. butchey, what great pictures – really liked the one with santa!!! glad you had a good holiday, sounds like you are keeping way to busy!!! don’t forget a medicinal nap or two!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. Butchey, We just LOVE those pictures. You are a handsome little devil and Lola just looks sweet!

    Ginger’s Pack

  3. Great post, Butchey! Love the pics. Keep ’em coming, cuz you are such a cutie! (So is that Lola…)

    Happy, hoppy New Year!
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  4. I’m smiling after reading that blog post, Butchey! Nice to hear an update of you and your comings and goings! And a QQQ in Rally! You go dude! I am thinking the number “3” is your lucky number! 🙂

    Tracy & Maggie

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss. My gran passed last year but she was an ocean away and I col3#n&du9;t be by her side. At least you were. Little comfort, I know, but it's something. Take care.

  5. We really liked reading your blog–you are one cute golden boy! Lola is cute too, but not as cute as YOU!

    Sorry Santa didn’t bring your leg back, but he probably saw how well you were doing without it and felt you would rather have toys for Christmas.


    Barb and Spirit Hope

  6. Butchey and Lola, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I’m so glad to hear you guys had a fun-filled December! Loved the photos!! I hope you can get your Mom in the pool next time! 🙂

  7. Love, Love, LOVE the pictures! Butchey you and Lola are such cuties! I’m so glad you had a great Christmas! Next time have Lola knock your mom into the pool 😉

    Jenna & spirit Chili Dawg

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