Whatever Lola Wants…..

Lola Gets

And sorry Butchey….little Lola wants Allie Gator

 I was just chillin’ out with Allie Gator on my couch 

 Then Lola decides she wants Allie…
She’s a pain in my tail!  She won’t take NO for an answer.
And here I lay broken hearted.  Don’t I look sad? 
 Whatever Lola wants…..Lola Gets
Can we nominate her for MonkeyButt of the Year?

5 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants…..

  1. Awww, Butchey, you are too nice! She’s a brat. She is definitely MB of the Year material!
    I hope you get your gator back…
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunnyRita’s mom

  2. Lola,
    You go, girl. It’s your job to be a stinker to your Tripawd! Way to further the Monkeybutt Federation’s agenda!


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