Living Large

So last Friday night we stayed at a hotel in the big city Boston.  Me & Lola got to have steak from a really nice restaurant called Grill 23.  Here’s a special woof-out to Jason, Yannick & Justin for taking care of our very special treat.  Thanks very much!  These guys are nice people!  I give them 3 paws up!  I’d give them 4…but…I only got 3 to give.

Here we are demonstrating our very nice “Leave It” manners.  I actually did sneek a piece in when I thought Momma wasn’t looking, but she caught me.

Momma forgot the good camera, so Dada took this pic his cell phone camera and Lola looks like she has CRAZY EYE.  But then again, she IS crazy.

When we were headed out for a potty run in the big city, I met this nice fella in the lobby of the hotel.  He wanted to greet me.  Well, generally during a greeting I like to have my butt scratched.  I tell people this by trying to walk through their legs and leaving my butt out there to be scratched.  Seems pretty clear, right?  Anyway, he seemed a little shocked when he realized I was missing a leg in back.  Oh well.  I guess somebody should have warned him.  But please people, don’t be afraid to scratch the bum of a Tripawd!  Don’t be afraid of the bum!

We took our very first elevator ride and Lola got nervous and had to lay down.  Not me, I did fine on 3 legs, too.

So they have this thing called “room service”.  If I had known about room service, I would have been calling them everyday!  Because, look what we got!

I love eggs…..I wonder if we have “room service” at home….?

Then, the next morning when we were leaving this other nice fella (a different nice fella) comes and knocks on our door.  He takes all our bags that Momma & Dada packed up and then we go to leave.  He asks about my spare leg and Dada tells him the story.  He says I look great and happy and then he goes back inside and gets these two stuffed elephant toys and gives them to me & Lola.  What a nice fella!  But Lola’s got 4 legs, so I’m not sure why she needed an elephant, too.

13 thoughts on “Living Large

  1. What a great get-a-way you guys had! Sooooo ritzi! 🙂 LOVE the egg picture!!! Really? You had a guy that didn’t want to touch you after he saw you were missing a leg? WOW…stupid fella IMO! But I will say that I’ve had surprising(good) comments from strangers about how well Maggie gets around on 3 legs…total strangers…that makes me smile. I DO expect the type like you encountered Butchey…but at least we haven’t yet…to our faces anyways! And soooo brave in the elevator! Bet you were laughing at your fool sister being such a woosie!! Hehe!

    Tracy & Maggie

    1. Well he wasn’t rude about it at all. But you could tell it surprised him when Butchey not only shoved his way through the guys legs but then the guy looked down and Butchey’s spare was gone. LOL! We got a lot of looks in the hotel of course. People just don’t see a Tripawd everyday. Plus you know how Goofy my two can be. =)

      1. Oh good!! I’m glad he wasn’t rude!! I’d hate to see that to our Tripawd Hero’s!!!! 🙂
        That’s why they are the ‘goofy goldens’! Living up to their nicknames 🙂

        Tracy & Maggie

  2. Grill 23 steak….get out!!! Butchy, you had the Cadillac of steaks….we’re very jealous. Sammy had Capitol Grill steak on Friday but now he’s looking at me like I was holding out! Sounds like a super fun weekend…room service and everything…wow! Wish we met….Sammy is going for a romp in Boston today. My boys both do the between the legs for a butt scratch thing…it def takes people by surprise. I now hear myself chanting…don’t fear the bum! Xoxo

  3. Butchy, i just had to sneak on after my mom posted. You go to NEVOG – me too! I love everyone there…my favorite is Dr. Cronin…she’s so nice to me! Maybe we can meet in Boston some time and make our moms buy steak…between the 2 of us (and our 4 legged not as cute siblings) we can def pull it off!

  4. wow, your own egg, on your own plate….luxury, SHEAR LUXURY… no room service available here!! thanks for sharing your adventure and the great pictures!

    charon & gayle

  5. Wow!!! Steak, and eggs (on the “good dishes” no less!) AND a stuffed elephant!

    Man, you dawgs no how to live it up! I am very jealous.

    Butchey, if you ever wanted to take me away for a weekend, I would totally be up for it. 😉

  6. I think my boys would love room service everyday, eggs, yummy! Sounds like a really fun trip 🙂

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  7. Wow, room service, eggs, and steak?!? I can’t let Finchy read this blog otherwise he’ll know he’s missing out & then the whining will start up again. You and Lola are lucky dogs!

    Jenna & Spirit Chili Dawg

  8. What is this about room service?!? I think my pawrents have been holding out on me! I am going to have to let them know that I am NOT happy about this! Lola, you look beautiful, by the way, and Butchey, she probably got her own elephant because the guy realized how pretty she was 😉


  9. So much fun! This is truly is livin’ large and I love to see it!

    Tate does that walk through the legs/now scratch my butt thing too! But only with mom and dad, he’s little less outgoing than Butchey. : )

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