Catching up…Sleepovers and Scans again

Well, we’ve had a lot going on here at the Hudson household.  First we got a snow storm in late October!!!  Yipee, I love snow!!!  But because all the trees fell down, we lost power for several days.  But it was OK, because we packed up and went to my Nana’s.  Ugh…Monkeybutt Lola came with us.

So Nana is Momma’s Momma, and she is lots of fun.  She hides cheese around the house for us, but we have to wait to find it until she tells us to.  We had a sleepover at Nana’s for about 4 days.  Now Dada’s Momma is Mimi, and we went to see her too when we didn’t have power.  My “cousins” Kayla and Tori were there at Mimi’s, too.  They lost power as well.  We played and I gave them lots of kisses.  They are a lot of fun.

So now we are back at home and all is good.  We did have to throw out a lot of food from the fridge.  I could have cried.  What a waste.  But it is all restocked now.  My food, my cheese sticks, and of course….My Eggs.

So this past Tuesday I had my belly shaved (I hate that) and ultrasounds and a chest xray.  They didn’t find anything, so Momma & Dada were very relieved.  Momma says she’ll trade a shaved belly for clean scans any day.  Now I am on a metronomic protocol.  I get Cyclophosphamide 1x day, Piroxicam 1x day, and Doxycycline 2x day.  But it is all in my food, so I don’t notice it.

I have a busy weekend coming up.  Momma has entered us in another CDSP Obedience trial on Saturday.  I’m not sure why, but Lola is coming with us.

That is it for now.  Hope all you Tripawds and Monkeybutts are having a nice autumn.  The weather here is warm again.  But it is rainy here tonight.

 Oh, Momma’s camera was broken and in the shop…so no new pics.

7 thoughts on “Catching up…Sleepovers and Scans again

  1. geesh butchey, sounds like you’ve been ‘vagabonding’ all over with the power outages!!! glad you are home and the fridge is re-stocked… we love our cheese too!! hope all goes well with your obedience this weekend…sometimes i remember being told that i am not always obedience, but that seems hard to believe…so maybe it was something else. hope the camera is out of the shop soon, we love pictures!!

    gayle & charon

  2. Hey Butchey! Your sleepovers sound fun. And hide-n-seek-for-cheese sounds REALLY fun. We love cheese too. My mama and daddy’s kitchen motto is “don’t be shy with the cheese”.

    Your shaved bellly sounds kinda cute. Glad everything looked ok inside of you. We got our new calendar today and the outside of you sure looks good as Mr. October!

    I am sending you lots of kisses. Tell your mama to get her camera fixed cuz I think you are super handsome and want more pics!

  3. Geesh Butchey, snow in October?!? Did you make snow angels? Bummer about the lost power though, and all the spoiled food. Glad you got your eggs restocked. Good news about your lungs! Give Lola a head butt from Finchy.

    Spirit Chili Dawg

  4. Hide the cheese sounds like an awesome game….we’ll need to try it! We lucked out and only had the snow but no loss os power…lots of snow angels though. Good luck this weekend! Xoxo Sue and Sammy

  5. Wow Butchey! You’ve had yourself quite the busy time! AND got some yummy cheese. Perfect. Now on to questions for your momma…

    Did Butchey ever have any metastasis from HSA? I know Snoopy has one on her spleen and from what I’ve heard its pointless to do anything for it :/ Although if it would help long term I was wondering about getting the spleen removed and if you knew anyone that had that done?

    If you don’t mind me asking, approx. how much was the chemo/holistic vet care? I’m not sure if I could afford it…

    Thanks for Butchey’s story! I’m glad I got to read it! I’ve never known anyone who’s had a puppy with this besides me… 😀

    1. Hi Jill,
      Metastasis – not that we are aware of. He has had a bunch of ultrasounds on abdomen, x-ray of chest, and cardiac ultrasounds and no masses have shown up (fingers, legs and paws crossed).

      I should scan and put up his pathology report. His mitotic rate (rate of cell division) on his tumor came back kind of high. Between the time of his original intended ACL surgery and his amputation surgery (about 4 weeks) the tumor grew back to about 75% of its original size. The high mitotic rate is one of the reasons we definitely wanted to do a metronomic protocol.

      I actually have heard of dogs getting their spleen out. Although nobody really close to me. I think our own surgeon had removed another dog’s spleen because of HSA. I seem to recall, the tumor had NOT ruptured yet. Have you consulted an oncologist?

      There has also been some “talk” of a certain type of mushroom helping HSA dogs. The name is escaping me now, but I will reply again later when I’m at home. I have the notes there. We are looking into this now ourselves.

      Sending good vibes to your Snoopy. Love her up! Please give her a belly rub from us all.

  6. Butchey! Man you’ve had a busy few weeks!!! Snowstorm, power outage, kicked out of your house because of it…phew, darn glad you got the frig. restocked though! The ever important cheese and eggs!!! Two of my fav’s too 🙂
    Good luck tomorrow at the CDSP trials! I can’t wait to get a report AND hopefully some video’s to watch too!
    Maggie, who yeah, told her Mom tonight that I’m going to learn how to read the Rally signs for her over the winter. That way SHE can just follow ME thru the course and I’ll tell HER what to do! ha!

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