What Never Gets Old?

Butchey Hudson’s Momma here.  It has been a very bad couple of months for a lot of my doggie friends.  I lost count at how many dogs crossed the bridge in such a short period of time.  Some were Tripawds, some still had their spare.  Some had cancer, some enjoyed life into their elder years, and some were too damn young.  But all of them were somebody’s best friend, and all of them left a gaping hole in somebody’s heart when they left this world.

I have spent many an evening in front of the computer with a box of tissues, reading on a blog, Facebook or in an email about another loss.  Sometimes, after I’d blown my honker for the upteenth time, I would get a nudge under my elbow.  Somebody on his three legs thought I needed a big smooch.  I think he likes the saltiness of the tears.  Then that would make me cry even more.  And then I would get down on the floor with him, or we’d go to the couch and snuggle.  Dog people get this.  Non-dog folk would think I needed to be committed after reading this.

I was relieved that Butchey had clean scans on February 3.  Almost 8 months, and no signs of metastasis.  I feel guilty for being able to say that.  But we cannot kid ourselves, all of our stories end the same.  Our canine companions just got screwed and got the shorter (and sometimes much too short) lifespans.  We take the wins when we can get them, but we all wait for the other shoe to drop after getting the Big C diagnosis. 

What I need to remember to focus on is the all the little bits in between.  One of my favorite movie quotes is from Shawshank Redemption “You can get busy living, or get busy dying”.  So every morning starts out with a belly rub and every day ends with a long ear massage.  And there are lots of other good fun stuff to get those tails wagging throughout the day.  Enjoy every moment, and I hope I have no regrets when that dreaded day comes. 

My husband and I have a regular saying when the dogs do something funny or sweet or just plain awesome.  *Never. Gets. Old.*  We have lots of favorites, but one is when my husband takes the dogs out for “last call”.  He will say to them “Go tell Momma!”  Both Butchey and Lola come racing in all excited to tell me that I missed out on the festivities outside.  I am usually stone cold asleep on the couch and wake up to 2 dogs giving me a slobbery face wash.  It is a great way to end any day, in my world at least.  Whether it’s me or my husband on the receiving end, we both always say never. gets. old.

Another is when Butchey enjoys his butt scratches while on laying his back.  He used to kick both rear legs and being the goofy people we are we would sing “Wheels on the bus go round and round”.  Now we just sing “WHEEL on the bus”, and it is just as good.

At every meal time, Lola gets so impatient she opens one of the drawers in the kitchen with her paw.  I’ve had so many bruises from turning around and walking into it (you’d think I’d learn).  It is still funny to me, and it never. gets. old.

These are the things I want to remember…Not the cancer, not the end.

I miss when my old dog Barney (at the bridge 3 years now) used to say “Herrrrooowww”.  A beagle mix, he used to belt it out nice and high.  But when I lowered my voice and said “lower” to him, he would drop his to imitate me.  I have it recorded, but it’s just not the same.  The memories are much sweeter.

So on the eve of Butch’s 8 month ampuversary, I would like you to share with me your favorite moments and/or favorite memories.  What never gets old?  What do you miss the most?  Keep the memory alive in your hearts, because they are still curled up in there, right where we can can remember them.

 I gotta go, someone is nudging me for a butt scratch.

10 thoughts on “What Never Gets Old?

  1. Never gets old – that even though Hawke gets lost in the dark she can find her way to the bedside,that although kestrel limps and we don’t know why she would work 24/7because it’s there, and that Merlin still believes kestrel can conjure tennis balls out of snow piles because he chooses not to see her hide it, they are eternally optomistic ,they live in the moment, there is a lesson there

  2. Wow what a beautiful read. You are so right.
    Kaylas never gets old is the cuddles, leg on one shoulder and head on the other, the best cuddle around. Sarge would have to be sitting on his tail and stratching his manhood with his front leg – not exactly charming but it never gets old. Our idiot Chloe gone 7 months now it has to be her love of water, any water even frozen water, i think she was part fish, ill always remember that about her. We had a annoying cat too who meowwed evertime you spoke and yes i mean everytime, phone calls were a nightmare!!!

  3. Never gets old – Baby suddenly, for no apparent reason lays on her back and squirms with her lips falling back in a big mastiff smile. Her nickname is squirmels and we weren’t sure after the surgery she would still have be her squirmy self. She has found her squirm and we laugh every time.
    This is fun!
    Judy and Baby

  4. Oh, Nancy, I love this blog post!!! It truly is about making those moments to remember. Being able to recall them later will be priceless, regardless of how things play out.

    Even the bittersweet memories of Rio are still memories of her and are part of our story, so I cherish each and every one of them. Those memories really do help to fill up the aching hole in my heart. I just have to recall her sweet face, some of her crazy antics, a few of her special quirks, and it eases the heartbreak and brings a smile to my face… She sure left me with a lot of smiles, and I’m sure Butchey will do the same for you.


  5. Your post made me tear up with the thoughts of loved ones passed and how I miss Chucks singing, Tashas paw tap dancing, Cleo’s gentle stares, Sheba’s pawing when she wanted something. All the things of their lives that never got old.
    Never gets old having to step over or around the furry kids ‘cause they plant themselves in the middle of the floor. Never gets old having to scoot a furry butt over to sit on the couch. Never gets old being crowded in the bed because of sleeping with the furry kids. Never gets old sharing my life with the furry kids that know nothing but unconditional love. Never gets old having Sunshine push her head between my knees wanting a rump rub. There are just too many to list. (Guess that makes me very blessed.)
    Thank you for your (live in the moment) post.

  6. butchey, thanks for opening our brains and shaking the cobwebs out!! i think my favorite ‘never. gets. old.’ moment with gayle was the way she always wanted to ‘touch’ when i was knitting. either on the sofa, or later, on her pad on the floor, she would position herself to be touching my leg, or ankle – her way of making sure her ‘juju’ got in each pair. even know, when i’m knitting, i find myself looking down to see if it’s her i feel…maybe it’s her spirit telling me to keep going – tap, tap, tap.

    charon & spirit gayle

  7. Beautiful blog! Tears coming down my cheeks! What never.gets. old for me is Colby in the morning,or really anytime I talk to him ,his tail wagging at just the sound of my voice is amazing! We are SO lucky to be blessed with our furry friends! Thanks Nancy and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Brett<3 and Butchey and Lola!

  8. GREAT blog Nancy- Tears and smiles all the way through!! Never gets old for Bernie- he has to come to the mailbox with me every night and bring one piece of mail all the way back into the house (“Bring it, Bernie!”) and alllllmost all the way to Brad, but he usually gets too excited and drops it at the last second. No worries- cookie party no matter what. Never gets old- Buddy style- when he’s not getting enough attention he’ll just drop “wumph” on the living room rug and lay on his back all 4 feet in the air…Gets us every time!! Gem loves to hide her rawhide bones in a pile of blankets on the couch… but she’s the WORST hider ever, and one of the boys always goes over and steals it immediately, and makes us all laugh (except maybe GEM)… never gets old!!!

  9. I love it – I have a smile on my face from all the stories. My head is racing will all my “it never gets old” stories. It never got old when Macklin was on the couch with us and Sam was jealous – he would walk to the front door with a toy and squeek and play like he was having fun – JB and I would look at Macklin and say, “don’t fall for it” – and Macklin would look around, jump off the couch to go play with him and Sammy would come around the other side and jump up on the couch and take his spot. It never got old when we were in Boston and Sammy would plop himself on the ground and refuse to walk when we were in front of a restaurant that he had eaten at before – one day he stared at people that were at “his table”. It never gets old when Macklin flips on his back in public places looking for belly rubs (and it never gets old when people actually rub his belly and JB yellls, “I’m next”)……and it never got old when we had to climb on the porch roof to go through our bedroom window because Sammy had closed the bedroom door and hit the lock with his nose and locked himself in the room!

    May all your stories make you smile day after day! xoxo Sue

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