I need a new barber!!

Hey everyone – Butchey Hudson here.  So last Wednesday, Momma and Dada took me up to see some people I know.  Now, all these people are very nice, but I’ve never gotten groomed there before.  Well I hope I don’t get another grooming there, because look what happened!  They took too much off the back! 

I need a new barber

 I feel a breeze on the back of my neck and something is very itchy now. 

Anyway….Dada says I had another tumor that had to come out.  The report came back and it is a confirmed hemangiosarcoma tumor.  So it would appear my cancer has now traveled.  Momma and Dada are very sad.  I see them crying even though they try to hide it from me. 

Lola just thinks I look funny, and she keeps trying to smell me on my bad haircut spot.  But for the most part she is being very nice to me.  But she’s suspect…something must be up.

Nana has been here a lot, and Mimi was here the other day, too.  Momma has been smelling funny for quite a while now and she has….well….she’s put on a lot of weight, especially in her belly.  Lola has been a bit clingy with her, too.  But Nana and Mimi have been here helping Momma and Dada out.  Nana ALWAYS makes sure I have my food cooked for me.  I am happy she is here to look out for me.  She gives great massages, too.  Here is a nice picture of her and I.  She was laughing about her shirt, but I can’t read, so I don’t know what it says.

So maybe it is a coincidence, but right after the haircut, the pink elephants came back for a visit.  But they are not as numerous as my big surgery a year ago.  Momma says it is Tramadol.  I am doing quite well now though.  But Momma makes me wear a sock on my back leg so I don’t mess up the spot where I they gave me the bad haircut.

Momma says that this Tuesday we go to see my oncologist to see what she says. 

Oh my….I need to go, there are a lot of fireworks going off now and I need to try to sit in Momma’s lap.  It is hard now with that big belly of hers….

We will write more later….I have the shakes and can’t type very well.




5 thoughts on “I need a new barber!!

  1. Hey Butchey!! I was just thinking about you the other day. Now I know why you haven’t written in awhile. Looks like you’ve have some medical issues of your own, in addition to watching your Momma grow. Hmmmm…wonder what’s going on with her??
    I’m really sorry to hear that damn cancer moved around in you. It’s just not fair. But it sounds like your Mom and Dad, and all your friends are taking real good care of you. I think about all the Tripawds on this site a lot, and I’m gonna keep thinking and sending positive thoughts to you Butchey!! You are a strong warrior boy!!

  2. Butchey, you are about the handsomest dog I’ve ever seen. Can you beat cancer on handsome points? You are a star around here and will continue to be. All that agility stuff, the handsome business, raising an annoying little sister, losing your momma’s lap with grace and dignity…

    Please remember to tell us what your doctor says. And don’t forget to let us know what happens in a few weeks when your momma’s lap returns. (I’ll give you a hint: My oldest Boy has a Woman and her lap did the same thing. Then they got a pup!) We love you, Butchey.

    Love, Dakota and Evelyn

  3. butchey, we think you are the handsome-est golden man alive, the barber was just jealous of your ‘hotness’. sorry that lump was ‘hinky’, but we hope you can find a way to keep kicking that nasty cancer to the curb… hope the darned firecrackers stop (we hate them too), maybe the pink elephants can make them stop. paws and fingers crossed you get good direction from your vet, let us know!!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  4. Butchey, you would be handsome no matter what – even with a mohawk, so don’t you worry about one bad haircut. It’ll grow back!

    Sorry to hear about the C word, but it sounds like you are getting some good care and lots of loving. I like your grandma’s t-shirt! She looks like a great grandma. You’re a lucky pup. And it sounds like you are about to get a little monkeybutt bipawd in the family! How exciting!

    Jackie, Angel Abby, & MBBunny Rita

  5. Butchey you are still handsome! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! So very sorry that stupid cancer came back. My grandma wants a shirt like your grandma has! Oh and don’t sweat the bipawd. Eventually they drop food from the table so make sure to sit by them at all meal times (Finchy took a while to catch on to that but not me). Tell Lola I still love her!

    Spirit Chili Dawg

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