Belated Hoppy Halloween!

Hey everyone, it is me again, Butchey Hudson.

Just a quick check in to let everyone know we had a Hoppy Halloween. Hope you all did, too.  No dogs got into any candy here at our household.  Chocolate is bad, bad for us dogs.  Just ask my Momma and Dada.  A long long long long long time ago, they FREAKED when I got into a chocolate cake on the counter.  Momma didn’t have a happy birthday that year.  The frosting was delicious though.  It got stuck all up in my gums and I thought I’d be snacking on that for a while, but then they made me throw up.  That was not fun.  Anyway…no issues like that this year.

If anyone was wondering…yes – they did make me and Lola dress up.  How humiliating.  I won’t post the pictures, I am so ashamed.  But here is a nice one of me and the pesky little sister.

So things have been going well.  I’ve been doing really great and feeling good.  I did some Rally-O and CDSP Obedience the past couple of weeks.  But I’ve been running out of the ring again because I am just sooooo goofy.  Momma still loves me though.  I still had fun.  I earned my first qualifying score in the Rally Veterans class (which I can now enter because I’m 8 years young now!)  Momma says “Old Dogs Rock!”

So, you know those Boppy things they make for babies?  They are pretty comfy.  They aren’t just for babies anymore, they are for Butcheys, too.

So in a couple of weeks I get another set of X-Rays on my lung mets and see what they are doing.  Hopefully nothin’.  But we will let you know.

Until then…keep on keepin’ on hoppin’!!


3 thoughts on “Belated Hoppy Halloween!

  1. Hey Butchey, good to hear from you! Glad you had a great Halloween. Not that I’m putting any pressure on you, but I’d sure like to see you and your sis in those costumes. If you don’t want to post the pics, maybe you could just say what you guys dressed up as??
    Butchey, you are one tough guy. As always, I will be sending positive thoughts your way, now and in two weeks when you have your check-up. Keep kickin’ cancer’s ass, buddy!!

  2. I agree, come on Butchey. Show us the halloween photos! We won’t laugh.
    Sending you postitive thoughts for clear xrays.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  3. Hey Butchey, what’s the boppy thing for? Is that like a pillow? Sorry, no human babies around this pack!

    Ya know, you should learn how to work that Halloween costume humiliation…lots of humans go “awwwww” when they see a dog in costume and throw lots of treats to the poor humiliated animal! You can really score some good grub that way (but no chocolate 🙂

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