Hoppy 17 Month Ampuversary!

Butchey Hudson here!  Reporting in on my 17 Month Ampuversary!  OF COURSE Cheesie Eggie Goodness!

Don’t let a good thing get away from you.  Come here egg!

You’re mine!

Have you given your Tripawd a belly rub today?

7 thoughts on “Hoppy 17 Month Ampuversary!

  1. Butchey you are just one good looking golden! I cannot believe you sat for a picture with your favorite cheesie-egg dish right in front of you! Happy 17 months and many, many more.

  2. Butchey, that treat looked delicious! Just what a handsome guy like yourself deserves! Happy 17 months buddy! I hope you’re feeling well, and helping your mom with your little sis. I wish you all the best Butchey! You are in my thoughts often!

  3. Congratulations Butchey and I must admit your seriously Gorgeous 🙂
    Maybe you should suggest to mummy that Fortnightly Eggies may be needed for such a Stunning Young Man 🙂

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