Hoppy New Year 2013

Hi everyone, it is me Butchey Hudson.  I hope you all had a Hoppy New Year!  I thought New Year’s was fine, but Momma says we got some bad news on New Years Eve at our doc appointment.  It would seem my latest X-Rays show that although Felix is stable, Oscar is still growing.  Quite a bit.  And now I have lumps under my one of my ears, too.  The Doc aspirated them and they came back positive for hemangiosarcoma.  Phooey.

So now I am on a new drug, CCNU, in hopes that this will slow things down on the cancer front.  Momma and Dada decided to stop the Cytoxan and Doxycycline because it didn’t seem to be doing enough.  We check back with the doc 3 weeks after that New Years Eve appt.  My CBC 1 week post CCNU came back OK.  So I will probably have another dose of CCNU at my next appointment.  It is in pill form, so no IV which Momma likes.  We will do X-Rays again 6 weeks after last ones to see what the Odd Couple are doing, and we will monitor the size of my ear lump.

Momma and Dada are very sad, but hopeful that the CCNU will help me.  Meanwhile, I just do what I do best:  LOUNGE!

The trick is to become one with the pillows

For any of you wondering, the gray red soccer ball has been my favorite lately.  It has the most flavor stored up in it.

I still like to be near the Hairless Pup a lot.  She’s alright.  Even though despite all the promises made to me, she has only just started to drop some food my way.

Lola just walked into the picture to get her self in the photgraph
Lola just walked into the picture to get her self in the photgraph

Did I mention Momma had gotten a new camera?  She likes this black and white stuff.


Me smelling the air.  I LOVE sniffing the air.  Tells you a lot about what the neighbors are eating.


The Hairless Pup complained to me about the Tutu.  Just wait until they put her in the Cone of Shame!


Here is our official Christmas Picture for 2012.  We only stay for CHEESE.


Here are me and Lola opening up our presents on Christmas morning.


Santa Paws brought me an Indoor Chuck-It.  Yeah…Like that WON’T break anything in the house!  And that floppy green dog behind me is Roofus.  He get’s a whipping when he’s been bad, but I still like to hang out on the couch with him.

DSC_3907 - Copy

So that is it for now.  Or so I think.  Momma has seemed a bit giddy the past couple of days.  She says she has a secret that I will like a lot.  But she says ‘contractually’ she can’t say anymore….yet.  What the woof is ‘contractually’?  So I guess – Stay Tuned!

8 thoughts on “Hoppy New Year 2013

  1. Hey Butchey! I am glad to see you here! I love your pictures and cannot believe the nerve of Lola photobombing you and the Hairless Pup!

    I am so glad your family had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. You got some really nifty goodies. What the heck is an indoor Chuck-It? Does your momma really think there’s any such thing? You give that Roofus dude all he can handle and show him who’s boss!

    As for the medical news, I hope you keep feeling well and that the new stuff keeps you peppy. We love you and want you to be happy and to feel like having fun. That’s so important.

    And do tell your momma that she has to come back soon to share her big news. She has gotten everyone all excited and interested and attentive. If she doesn’t come back and explain, it’s just like saying “cookie” to you and Lola and then not delivering!

    Shari, Dakota’s Woman

  2. Butchey your cute face and yellow bandana always bring a smile to my face. I think you need to tell Felix and his friend they gotta go — no pay, no stay.
    I love the Christmas picture and the B&W shots are pretty nice too, but then again look who the subject is.
    I’m on your side beautiful golden!

  3. Butchey, you and Lola SCORED on Christmas!! Good job, dude!! I’m sorry you got some not so good news on New Year’s; that’s always tough to hear. But I know what a tough guy you are, and I know you are gonna fight those stupid mets with all you’ve got!! I’ll be thinking of you at your upcoming appointment, and sending positive thoughts for a great update!!!

  4. Sorry about the New years eve news. Hopefully the new drug will work better and pills are much easier than IV. So glad you had a good Christmas.

  5. As a mom of two golden boys and a human little 2 year old boy I love this. I truly became a mom when we got our first dog, Kimo after I was DX with leukemia myself. Butchey, I too have been on cytoxin and its no fun.
    You have such a wonderful family and I can tell you get great care!! Keep lounging, playing with your soccer ball and the food droppings get better !!!

  6. Okay Oscar, time to go on a post hoilday diet and STOP GROWING!!! Sending good vibes to you Butchey that your new meds help and that the hairless pup keeps dropping food your way 🙂
    -Kori & Angel Lupe

  7. Hey Butchey I’ve been wondering how you were doing, I’m glad you updated. I know your people took the news about the lung mints bad, who wouldn’t? But I see as you become one with the pillow, the toys, the trees and the fresh air, you are showing them that no amount of bad news will bum you out. You are Butchey Hudson, master of sweetness and love! Of course, I know that you have a tough side, and you and good ‘ol CCNU will give those mints the ol’ One! Two! and tell ’em where to stick it! Darn right!

    I just hear you have a VISITOR! Yowza! Things are gonna get real crazy with your pack, I can feel it! Can’t wait to find out what you’re gonna do to that purple beast!

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