The Purple Menace…cuddles???

So it is Butchey Hudson here.  I found out why Momma was so giddy.  She brought home this purple stuffed thing in a dress and it smells like it has been through 1,000 dogs.  So I mean it smells GREAT!!!


All the scents…mmmmmmmmmDSC_0068

So in case any of you don’t know about the Kill Barney tour, he was Spirit Jerry’s favorite toy.  Now he travels alllll over the place and stays with Tripawds and even with pawrents of Tripawds that have gone to the Bridge.  He brings comfort to everyone and a little bit of fun, too.  You can see everywhere he’s been on his tour map.

So Barney comes in this box with instructions and a bunch of stuff that is really really cool.  We don’t want to say much because it is a nice surprise for anyone who might want to have him visit.  Momma keeps reading all the journal entries with a box of tissues.  And then she hugs me and gives me a long ear rub.

So we have a mission to show this purple menace a good time as long as he behaves.  For most of this week, we’ve been cuddling on the couch.  I take Barney up and down the stairs, he goes with me wherever I go.  Barney comes to bed with us.  He’s all right this fella.


Just so Barney knows who is Boss, I showed him what happens when my stuffed toys get out of line.  Take Roofus here.  He got out of line, so I took his ears off.  Don’t worry, don’t worry….Nana is still staying with us.  She is my on-call stuffectomy triage nurse.  Everything I tear apart, she sews back up for me because she loooooves me soooo much!  And she’s pretty good with a needle and thread.  Did I mention Barney came with his own needle and thread?  He might be needing that before he goes onto his next visit.


Here’s us posing nicely.  Someone promised us cheese if we stayed.


Then I got down to attempt a shred mission.  I am so fast, even on 3 legs, that the camera couldn’t catch me!!!  Lola tried to get in on it, but I told her NO he was mine!


Momma made Lola wear Zephyr’s Monkey Butt ears.  Momma and Dada were laughing pretty hard, but Lola didn’t think it was very funny.  I always said she doesn’t have a good sense of humor.


Later that first night, Barney met Bumble…for a bath.


But I told him he is here to hang out with me, not the Bumble.


Momma said this weekend we were going out to do some stuff with Barney.  She gave me that look that I understand to know I’ll be getting treats, and it will involve a car ride.  Yippee!!!!  More to come on Barney’s visit later!


4 thoughts on “The Purple Menace…cuddles???

  1. Butchey, you must have a much stronger constitution than my dogs. Barney’s stench almost knocked out Linda when she got her first whiff of him! Just be careful and don’t breathe him in too deeply! It looks like you and Barney and Lola are off to a good start. I hope you guys have a really good time with him! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!!

  2. Oh boy! This sounds pretty good! When Barney visited us, I had to wash my hands every time I touched him. His stink is so, so…stinky!

    I hope you go to some good places and get some good treats. I can’t wait to hear what kind of fun you have! If you want to leave Barney behind somewhere, like in the abandoned stuffy deposit box at the fire station or something, go ahead. It wouldn’t matter. He’d find his way back by following his own green cloud!


  3. Haha, Butchey did you keep Barney in line? I think he was so scared his eyes were gonna pop out of his head!

    OK, what’s up with the dress? Did you know you can put another outfit on him? That dress is lookin’ pretty ratty. Change his outfit OK?

    I’m so hoppy you’re adding more slobber to the little beast. He’s gonna smell reallllly good now.

  4. My mom looked for a Pats jersey while he was at my house, no luck. It wasn’t the smell so much but the crustiness of Barney from all the slobber that was the worst for my mom…but then again, she can’t smell like us dogs can 🙂

    Have fun with him Butchey and make sure he stays away from Bumble, they look like they could plan some serious trouble together!
    -Angel Lupe

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