Oscar is really a slob

So we had some scans done on June 27th, and Oscar, the slob, is really getting big.  Rough estimate on size:  went from 2cm to 3.6 cm.

Felix is about the same size, and the Manitou doesn’t seem to have any big growth either.

So, it was not a good news day.  But we move on from here.

Hop silently and carry a big bone.


5 thoughts on “Oscar is really a slob

  1. But hey Hudson, you are n’ heck of a dog! Just finished doing through some of your blogs and, not only are you handsome and adorable, but you are an incredible strong fighter!

    If I have my facts straight, you are going on TWO YEARS PLUS, after ampitatio, right? That makes you an inspiration—-a huge hero—-a beacon of hope..–around here!!

    You seem to be keeping all those as-h–es at bay except the biggest as-h–e Oscar. Well, you’ve got a lot of tripawd power backing you up, as well as so e incredibly devoted pawparents—–and that’s worth a whole lot!!

    You may “walk silently while you carry your big bone” but you are one powerhouseof strength and ddetermination and that’s also worth a whole lot! You are a fighter!

    I really think k we. need more pictures though (hint to your folks)! any dog as handsome and cute as you needs to let us see more photos!

    Thanks for an update. We’re keeping all paws crossed and sending you additional “pawsitivity” to the huge amount t you already have!

    And don’t let anyone get that bone! It’s one of the finest bones in the land for. one o the finest dogs in the land!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  2. Hey Butchey! Well, I agree, the news could have been better. But, you are handling things the way you always have: with courage and a great toy! Butchey, please don’t forget you have all of the Tripawd Nation thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way! You are an amazing guy! I hope you have a really great Independence Day!

  3. Dang those mets! I’m sorry. But if it’s any comfort at all, my mets were bigger for several months and I was still doing all the things i loved. I know you can too! Just look at your beautiful hoppy face in that pic.

    You are such a survivor kiddo. Maximutt is right: We are always thinking of you and sending the Tripawds pawsitivity your way. Keep us posted OK? xoxo

  4. Butchey, we are so sorry to hear that the one met is getting bigger. On the other hand, you are still kicking some serious butt down there! You are truly embracing the tripawd spirit. You keep doing that, and make sure you lay right under little Tess’s high chair so you can get all the extra food she drops- that’s key (soon, she will learn to slip you little tidbits of goodness when mom and dad aren’t looking or even when they are looking- hee hee, that’s what my 2 little people did for Finchy and I). We aren’t ready for you up here yet, so stay strong, and make sure you tell Lola, I said “Hi!”

    Spirit Chili Dawg… & Spirit Finchy the monkeydog

  5. Butchey, you are one heck of a fighter. We have on that keeps growing too. I decided no more xrays because I just wanted to let Sassy live like there was nothing wrong. So far so good. The heat bothers us but who doesn’t it bother. We are thinking about you buddy. Plus Sassy loves the soccer ball that she got when you put it in the Barney box

    Michelle & Sassy

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