July update

Here is a July update.  Some stuff fun, some stuff not so fun.  Fun stuff first!

So, we got to go up to the lake house and go swimming!  Then, I had my 25th Month Ampuversary.  Hooray!  That was on July 14.  Then the Hairless Pup had her BIG ONE.  Then the day after that, Little Miss Perfect had her 7th birthday.  Here are some pictures!



I sure did have a bigger butt when I had 4 legs. DSC_0433 DSC_0436Lola just likes to dig in the sand.  She is not a strong swimmer. DSC_0442 DSC_0439

Lola….She’s always getting in my way.

Here’s the official family photo for the Hairless Pup’s one year birthday:


Notice how WE have hats on and The HP does NOT.  She cried and cried when they tried to put the hat on her.  Did we cry???  Nooooo, we were good dogs.  But The HP did NOT get any cheese after either.  So HUH!

They had a big shin-dig at home for The HP, and Lola & I were ‘quarantined to the comforts of upstairs.’  Or at least that was the spin they put on it for us.  I suspect the plates of chicken wings and chocolate cake downstairs might have been the cause for keeping us upstairs.  I do have a history with chocolate cake, oh so many years ago.  I can still taste the sticky gooey frosting in my jowls.  (Right before they made me puke it all up.)

And….Little Miss Perfect turned 7.  Hmmmph.  I tried to photo bomb her, but it doesn’t look like I was too successful.


Momma says Lola went and had a “spa day” for her birthday.  She can’t fool me, I know what happened to her because Lola came back smelling all flowery and showing me her Brazilian.  Momma says I got out of going, because I can’t stand on a grooming table with 3 legs and they give me a bath here at home every 3 weeks because of my skin allergies anyway.  I guess there are some perks…and doG knows, I don’t need a Brazilian.

OK , so here is the not so fun stuff:  I had my very last chemo treatment (I suppose that’s good stuff, depending on how you look at it.)  I have developed a “cough” and I have developed a limp in my front right leg.  I am not feeling like a spring chicken at the moment.  Momma and Dada have upped their fuss factor over me.  I can’t even take a pee in peace.  Of course, I guess I never did, now that I think about it.

Also we have a had a few emails inquiring about some of my treatments.  Here is a link to the mushroom stuff I’m on:


So that is it for now.  Until next time…keep on keepin’ on.



13 thoughts on “July update

  1. Aww Butchey. The cough 🙁 We are pulling for you. Happy Ampuversary Yayyyyyyyyyy what a survivor. Looks like you have had a great July. Keep kicking butt buddy. We love the soccer ball.

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. what a great first part of the blog!!! Happy Ampuversary!! Loved all the photo’s…HP and Lola too 🙂 I’m sorry you have a cough and a gimp in the
    front 🙁 I can understand your Momma and Dada’s fuss factor on you! Suck it up and see if you can get more of those eggs and cheese you love sooo much!

    Maggie(who has her Papa wrapped right around her paw to get anything he’s eating!)

  3. Ah Butchey, such a balancing act, isn’t it? Sometimes the good stuff just flows like a river (like birthday cake on the floor I assume you found), and sometimes it’s a pisser. But you have such a great family and you are so loved. I hope you know how much you are loved and how big your fan club is.

    To-Do List:
    1. Make sure to clean the HP well after she feeds herself. I’ve seen the video of that process so I know she needs a good washcloth or dog tongue. She needs it, you know how to do it, you do it well.
    2. Keep enjoying the swimming and don’t worry about your missing butt bit. You’re fine.
    3. Ignore Lola. She’s a girl and wants center stage.
    4. Take it easy. Rest. Relax. Recreate.
    5. Don’t worry.
    6. Keep being handsome and lovable.


  4. Oh Butchey Hudson!! You have me laughing my butt off…..and that’s a lot of laughing:-) 🙂 You are a great storyteller! You nailed it kiddo!

    You really have it tough…..no, I’m not talking about thtat stupid disease…..I’m talking about all your siblings!! Apparently they didn’t get the memo declaring you a SUPER STAR—–ROCK STAR—–HERO—–INSPIRATION—–‘ BEACON OF HOPE—–HANDSOME STUD MUFFIN—–OLYMPIC SWIMMER—–CHOCOLATE CAKE TASTER—–and ever so humble:-) 🙂

    You are one very, very special boy Butchey Hudson and it’s a privilege to be on this joirney with such a strong, determined fun fella’! Your pawparents are credibly devoted to you and your sister. Oh yesh, nd HP Too! But you are the older wiser (not to be confused with wise a..s) brother and you jave touched the lives of everyone you meet…..whether through a co puter or in “person”!

    You still have a lot of loving to get…and give. And definitely a lot of spoiling to be bestowed upon you!! So you keep taking your mushrooms and maybe a little cough medicine..I understand that’,s been helpful for other pups.

    Next time your mom and dad try and watch you pee (what’s wrong with these people?), “accidentally” pee on their leg and I bet they’ll let you pee in pee in peace!!

    FedXing a Johnny House to you with your own private padlock:-) 🙂 Shhhhhhh…….Can you keep a secret? There’s a chocolate cake inside!


    We love you! Thanks for the great pics and commentary! PRICELESS!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. Oh, Butchey, I wish it was all good news. The good news parts were very good (BOL about Lola showing you her Brazilian), but the bad news part is a bummer. Let your mom and dad fuss over you. I hope they get to fuss over you a lot more!!! Sending hugs to you and both your sisters. (That fur-less sister of yours is silly. She should have worn the hat and got some cheese!)

  6. Love the pics and commentary! I think you both look great in those b-day hats and the HP doesn’t know what she’s missing including the cheese!

    Get some rest so that darn ole cough will ease up and your leg can have a break. Sending happy thoughts your way!

    Luanne and Shooter

  7. Oh Butchey,

    Such a great beginning to the story. I liked swimming so much too. Finchy didn’t. He would have been digging with the lovely Lola (yes, I still have my crush on her even up here at the Rainbow Bridge) while I swam with you. Just so you know, we aren’t ready for you up here, so you keep fighting that evil cancer. I’m sorry that you have the cough and have the limp, I know how you feel, I really do. You make sure that you get lots of eggs and cheese and lots of attention from the HP too, she’s always good for extra treats.

    Spirit Chili Dawg…& Spirit Finchy

  8. They made you puke the chocolate cake?? wow… that sucks dude.. you think that if your pawrents know how much you love cake.. they would just buy vanilla!!
    Chin up there big guy.. I hope all goes well for you… rest easy.. and let them bring you cake!!

  9. Hey Butchey!! Looks like you had a great time at the lake house!! Happy 25th Ampuversary!! That is totally amazing. But then again, so are you! I hope you know how much you have inspired, and continue to inspire people and dogs alike! You inspire me, and I’m not even sick! You are a very special boy, Butchey! Keep fighting, and stay strong!! We’re thinking of you!!

  10. Butchey, you are such an awesome pup! Hoppy Hoppy Ampuversary! I think you look pretty darn GREAT and wow, what good times you have with your pack. This world is better because you are in it, leading the way.
    As for the mushroom supplement, thank you for that link, I will share the information with everypawdy.
    Love you Butchey! I know that little cough won’t get you down. Take it easy and let us know how you’re doing you hear? xoxo

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