A Would Be Ampuversary

Dearest Brother,

They are very sad.  They cry all the time.  I miss you, too.  But I knew.  We both knew.  Momma says that today would have been your 27 Month Ampuversary.  So in memory of you, she served me some Cheesy Eggy Goodness.

Here's to you Big Brother
Here’s to you Big Brother

It was very good, and I’d like to say I’m sorry you didn’t get any, but you know….I’m a dog.

I still smell you everywhere in the house.  When Momma and Dada came home that day, I gave each of them a sniff, and then I sniffed your pillow and Allie Gator that had gone with you.  I knew.  And they knew I knew.  It’s been quiet here at times, but Nana lives here now so I’m with her during the day.  She uses me as her excuse not to go out, now.  I hear her telling all her friends and family.  It used to be you, now it’s me.  Everybody worries about us.

I smelled you outside on the grass the other day, and I couldn’t help but pee there.  I probably should not have, but I’m a dog.  Old habits and all, you know?

The Hairless Pup is all over the place now.  I know you really liked her.  She looked for you on your bed, but Momma says she is much too young to understand what is going on.  Momma says she glad for the first 13 months of her life, she has pictures and videos with all of us together so she can tell her all about it later on in life.

All your stuff is still everywhere.  I hear them talking about putting it away slowly.  They say it is for my sake, so I won’t be upset.  But I know it is really for them.  They’ll be so sad to put everything away so soon.  And they know that I know that they know it is really for them.

Momma says it’s only been 5 days, but 5 days too long.  Here’s to you Butchey Hudson, here’s to you.


5 thoughts on “A Would Be Ampuversary

  1. My Momma’s eyes are all watery, she knows how sad you all are at this time and just feels so bad that Butchey couldn’t be here for this ampuversary. We are all so, so sorry.

  2. Awww I wish Butchey would have been here for this ampuversary too. I know what the sadness means too

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. What a sweet post and a sweet remembrance. Butchey was one lucky pup and will be with you forever and ever.

    Kassi and Nesta

  4. Butchey.. do me a favor and find Franklin for me… tell him I am thinking of him and missing him just like your momma is thinking of you. Thanks… now.. go play.. have fun… Oh and one more thing… don’t forget to listen..
    You will hear your momma open her heart to feel you…. she will do it often….. it might interrupt the fun you are having but I know you won’t mind.. cause you will get to visit her and warm her with your love.
    And Happy Ampuversary!! even though you are not with us physically, we can still be proud that you kicked that cancer’s ass for that long!!!
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  5. Oh Butchey,
    I know how your parents miss you. Do me a favor and find Chili Dawg (you probably found him as soon as you got up there and went swimming with him and Bo) and Finchy (Finchy will be wrestling with Rumbles most likely) and tell them I miss the two of them so much. Then go for a run with the two of them and have some fun without pain. Happy Ampuversary! You kicked cancer’s butt for a long time!

    Jenna mom to Spirits Chili Dawg and Finchy…and Monkeybutt Buster

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