Many Thank You’s and we decided to go with 5th chemo

Butchey Hudson’s Momma here again….First of all – Butchey’s appointment went well.  Cardiac ultrasound was good, blood chemistry panel was good.  There were a couple of things that did pop up, but our veterinary oncologist (or as Butchey likes to think of her as “the lady with the knees I like to lick”) told us they were within normal range and/or normal in a dog not even on chemotherapy.  So all in all a good report.

We discussed his weight loss as well.  Brett & I had thought over about what we had done differently as well after the 4th treatment and we realized that for about 2 weeks we had switched his food (due to loose stool issues) and he was getting less fat in his diet.  So we are increasing his portion size and much to his happiness, he’s going to be getting more eggs.  She also mentioned his “haggard appearance” is from the adriamycin and will disappear after he finishes his treatment.   I am also going to order a peanut from FitPaws and add that to our PT workout.

All in all, both Brett & I felt it was the right way to go.  Both in gut and in heart.  We also discussed metronomics and will most likely follow that as a treatment plan, when we stop the adriamycin.  I think Tatespeeps had mentioned that in a comment, too.  =)

I want to thank all of you, both here on Tripawds and on Facebook, for all your comments, thoughts, advice and kind words.  We are more grateful of your support than you could possibly know.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

I tried responding to a few comments individually.  I apologize, but I haven’t totally figured out this wordpress thing yet.  Perhaps when I get our new computer, I will sit down and figure it out.  Right now, things are loading slowly and I’d rather be playing with the pooches! =)

2 thoughts on “Many Thank You’s and we decided to go with 5th chemo

  1. Glad to read the update 🙂 Eat up them eggs, Butchey! I eat Honest Kitchen premixes with Primal grinds added to drop the carb levels even more. What are you eating? Oh and Mom just started adding Animal Naturals Young at Heart cause she says I need it cause I’m showing signs of aging…me? NEVER.

    Good luck with your PT work and keep me and Mom updated OK? We’re here to help if you need us!


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